Halifax trip 2015

It’s 6:30 am. Am sitting at Ottawa airport ready to board my flight to halifax. A 2 day trip to familiarize myself with steering control system onboard hfx class ship . I shall be going on Hmcs Fredericton .

My expectations from this trip is to stay grounded and learn about the system as much as I possibly can. Make new friends and stay grounded all the time

XMAS party centerpoint

Christmas lunch

With the holiday season on full swing we had Christmas lunch at work. The food was good as usual and then a good friend of mine won the grand prize of $500. She was sitting at my table and I just said to her that if anyone owns from our table , I would be happy. And just then her name was called. I am truly happy for her.
And then I picked the kids and came directly home . My daughter made great smoothie for me which had flavours of oranges and coconut.

There you go another day has come to an end on a decent note.

egg curry

Egg Curry

Well whats the highlight of my day today? I had a good gym workout of my legs with my gym buddy. And then came home and made a nice egg curry for myself. Ate it with rice. It was awesome.  Also added few turnips to my egg curry. I know its not in the ideal recipe, but who cares.

The powder room toilet is still clogged with toilet paper, thanks to Yash. I used the whole bottle of drano and did not seem to help at all. So will have to buy a plunger.

Also XBOX problem needs to be resolved. I cannot connect to XBOX LIVE and so kids cant watch NETFLIX on TV. Oh WOW. One problem at a time.

Tomorrow is XMAS lunch at work. Hope it will be fantastic. I am planning to have a great time and wear something red. Looking forward to tomorrow.


chicken stir fry

Team lunch

Well, I agree I have not been writing as regularly as I should. Just being lethargic or getting too engrossed with learning my forex trading system. Its like my latest passion and I seriously hope it will last. I want to trade and get into high probability setups. I want to master it and become good at it. It is not rocket science, It requires discipline and dedication and I believe I have those traits.

So today was another cold Decemeber day. Went for a farewell team lunch for a team member ( Tom W) who is moving to Australia. Had a very nice lunch (Chicken stir fry) at a restaurant named La Station. Here is the picture of my food.

Keep working hard and success is right around the corner.



Completed one year in my new home

All through the day, I was wondering what my highlight of the day would be. Well, I felt gloomy. Kids were sick and they had missed school and I had missed work. I was feeling as if nothing special was happening today. But then I remembered. I have lived in this new home for one full year. Yeah, I moved here on November 24, 2013. Moving is a hectic thing to do and I was able to do it. And I am especially thankful to my friend who came to help me in time of need. She is a blessing and I thank her with all my heart. Today I have completed one year in my new home.
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Santa Claus Parade

Highlight of your day


Happy Yash
Happy Yash

So I am trying to capture the highlight of my day and trying to do it every single day. Today was a rather ordinary day. We woke up late. My son woke up with some fever and I gave him Tylenol. And my daughter came down with flu too. But my son had to go to a birthday party and that made him super happy. We were at Gym Tale at 2 pm sharp. I felt it was a rather ordinary day.

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christmas tree

Highlight of your day

Christmas Tree

Every single day of your life comes and goes by. How about we make it a point to pick highlight of our day and log it in some kind of journal. It can be one line, or one paragraph or several paragraphs. Highlight of your day will encourage you to remember all your days and add some positive twist to them.

So the weekend started early for my as it was PD day for the kids, and I took Friday off. A good friend visited me on Friday and we had a good time.

Today (Saturday) was bit gloomy and we just stayed at home and lazed around. But we set up our 7 feet tall Christmas tree and that got the kids happy and excited. Holiday season is fast approaching and its fun and happy times for all. Stay positive and try to pick out all the highlights of your day…. Setting up my Christmas tree was mine for today. And I am glad I journal it. So it stays put in my memory. After all the aim in life is to be happy and feel good about every single day in our lives.

So what was your highlight of your day? What cheered you up? It could be as simple as making someone smile, or buying something nice for yourself or someone else, or attending  a fun party. Make a not of it and enjoy the happy feelings it gives you over and over again to train your brain to be happy.

Christmas Tree